Fully Sexualized​.​.​.​In Space!

by Smoov Badger

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Strip-mining the exotic for the erotic. Also, in stalkerish pursuit of Cindy. Also, in space.


released November 18, 2016

Drew (#2) Allen - tuba
Phil Bowden - keys
Leah Bowden - drums
Drew (#1) Ceccato - sax/flute/EVI/didgeridoo
Tyler Eaton - bass
Issac Garcia-Munoz - pan pipes, auxiliary percussion
Bobby Digital Pierzak - vocals
Inferno Productionz - artwork

Production Phil Bowden and Bob Pierzak
Recorded in Studio A UCSD
Recording engineer Scott Worthington
Mixing Bob Pierzak
Mastering Richard Hunter Rivera

Risky Forager Records (c) RFR007



all rights reserved



Smoov Badger San Diego, California

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Track Name: Love Poem
Cindy this poem's for you!! <3

on a night like this
when the fires burn bright in your eyes,
on a night
when winds covet to be your sighs,
I stand naked - for you.
for the world.

on a night
when gentle kisses caress all that they touch,
and on a night
when I show you how much good I can be to you girl,
the whole world turns already knowing.

they say "That man! That man can stand!"
he can stand tall, he can stand naked
because he knows - and so should you

and on a night
if someone tries to take you,
on a night
when no one will stand in our way,
on a bed
where I covet your spine,
Cindy - on a night like this,
won't you just tell me you'll be mine?
Track Name: Boner Planet
you keep gettin' up
but you're not comin' to me

...and you're gone
Track Name: Touch a Libido
and you stood up
and you showed me

and I never saw
and I never saw never in my whole life
someone so little!
someone so sweet!

you stood up girl
and i never saw in my whole life
someone so little
touch a libido quite like you do!
touch a libido in that way that you do girl!
Track Name: Moving Out
cindy! ooh, cindy!
cindy cindy cindy
tell me what you mean
when you say you're movin' out
it's just too much for me!

since you moved -
since you moved out
i've been losing sleep over you girl
gettin' into nasty habits:
off-track betting, scientology
and condiments on everything

oh cindy! cindy!

moving out came as a surprise
as a surprise - SURPRISE!

why won't you just tell me
where you're moving to?
is it cuz you know?
is it cuz you know girl?

let's get some truth!
let's get some truth out here cindy!

cindy cindy cindy
where will you be?
but now i got a telescope
so now i can see

but i know where you live
i know where you live girl

no matter what happens to us
you'll always be my girl
you'll always always be my girl
Track Name: Stalker Ballad
Cindy, I know the street you live on.
What makes you think I'm not coming there every night?
I've never seen anyone so beautiful when they sleep.
Cindy, tell me girl what do you dream about at night?
Could it be the final million eyes?
Cuz your face says otherwise.

When the sun starts settin' down on the town around me,
I'm comin' up the street (comin' up your street)
Armed only with a flashlight and a grin.

And then you see me in your bush,
And then you see me in your backyard bush.
Never seen anyone so beautiful when they sleep,
but you, Cindy.
I like to watch you sleep.

And then I take may flashlight,
makin' little swirlies on your wall.

Cindy, you know,
I'm watchin' you as you sleep.

Why you gotta hurt me girl?
You know it's dark...
Track Name: Planet Planned Parenthood
You're not my son.
Track Name: Touch a Rat
never saw anyone
touch a rat like you girl

but i know that rat's seen better days

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